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Christmas Tree Fundraising with Santa & Sons in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

The EASY Christmas tree fundraiser program that really works!

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If you are located in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, it’s simple to do a Christmas tree fundraiser with our return postcards program. Church groups, schools, civic organizations and charities can participate by simply handing out the postcards to their members. Participants bring the card with them to Santa & Sons Christmas tree lot at Los Angeles Valley College. If they decide to buy a tree, the postcard is validated at the checkout counter with the purchase price of their Christmas tree. The preaddressed, postage-paid cards are returned to you by mail, and after Christmas your fundraiser group receives a check for 8% of the total validated amount from the redeemed cards. What could be simpler than that?

Why use Santa & Sons Christmas tree fundraising postcard program instead of doing a Christmas tree lot yourself?

Our postcard program addresses all of people’s most common objections to participating in Christmas tree fundraisers. For some folks any scheduled fundraiser event on a certain day or weekend can just be bad timing or not match up with their traditions. People want to go out together as a family to pick their tree when the timing is right for them. But the biggest objection for most people is that there is simply a reluctance to commit to buying a Christmas tree sight unseen they might not really want after they see it. This is what really limits the success of most pre-sale programs using printed flyers or announcements. People are very particular about choosing a Christmas tree for their home so our postcard program allows them to shop at their own convenience with their families at Santa & Sons renowned San Fernando Valley Christmas tree lot with no commitment.

Fundraising with Santa & Sons is Easy!

Forget all of the headaches and financial risks associated with setting up a temporary Christmas tree lot at your school or church parking lot. Santa & Sons tree lot is easy to find located in the Los Angeles Valley College parking lot on the corner of Burbank Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon.

The return postcard program is a great, no risk way for your group to raise funds. I'm sure everyone will agree that getting volunteers to promote this program by passing out cards to likely participants will be much easier than coordinating volunteers during the holidays to unload Christmas tree trucks, staff a temporary tree lot and take responsibility for collecting the money. Did you buy the right number of the right sizes? And who is supposed to get take last few trees? Instead of operating for just one day or a weekend, Santa & Sons Christmas tree fundraiser runs throughout the entire holiday season.

There’s no risk with our free program.

Christmas Trees are a great fundraiser for your group!

Here’s another great thing about our fundraiser plan. Your group has absolutely nothing to lose by trying it! The first 100 cards are free, and after that they cost just ten cents each to help defray printing costs. With an average tree sale around $50 you can see that your group’s share can add up quickly and provide substantial financial support for your programs. You can read the complete Christmas tree fundraiser agreement here, and you’ll see that the agreement is as simple as the concept.

As we are a working Christmas tree farm, we need to plan ahead so the sign up period for participating fundraisers ends September 17th, 2012. If you are interested please discuss the idea with your group this summer and call or e-mail to let us know you would like to participate. Call us in Oregon at 541-929-3572 or e-mail us at